Interview with End of Silence!

What is the end of silence? The beginning of noise-right well, all jokes aside, that is actually the name of the library that TMV will be speaking with today. End of Silence is headed by Christian Baczyk and Kevin Mantey who have been in the trailer music industry for several years now. They were excited to answer questions from Trailer Music Vibe. I now present this interview to follow. As always, you can follow them on Facebook and their website.


How did End Of Silence start?

Chris: We came up with the idea to create our own trailer-music production company during our very first meeting in October 2013.
It all started when I found this big YouTube channel called “Trailer Music World” which focuses on promoting well-known trailer-music publishing companies and composers but also skilled but yet unknown ones. Back then I simply decided to write a message and ask whether there would be any chance to get my own music promoted.  I literally had no idea whether I was good enough because I just started producing my first tracks which is why I was hoping for at least some feedback – even if it would be a rejection.
Once I found out that Kevin was the manager of this trailer channel I wrote him an extremely long email in broken English which contained all the motives of why I started writing this specific kind of music, what it meant to me and how I would like to inspire other people with it. This very specific music genre had a profound impact on my own personal development journey which is why I wanted to give something back to the world if you will.
It turned out that Kevin and I have a lot of common interests and would get along extremely well. It was even more surprising to find out that he is located in Germany as well which is why we decided to meet up after a couple of interesting online chats. He drove around 200 miles to visit me at my place and stay for a couple days.
Once he arrived in the evening we went for a walk and talked about a lot about different topics while enjoying some good, Bavarian beer.
During that walk we randomly came up with the idea to start our own trailer music company even though we had little to no expertise in terms of music production or business back then. In retrospect it was a ridiculous thought but since this very moment we have decided to work extremely hard and make this dream come true. And only a few years later it turned out to be the best decision we have ever made.

What are your current roles at End Of Silence?

Kevin: At the moment we are literally doing everything except producing the music and the digital artworks. Our current tasks include music-, mixing- and mastering supervision, meeting clients, analyzing trailers and tv-spots, licensing, accounting, social media management, organisation and project coordination.

However, we are expanding our team by Kai Rathsack (owner of “Epic Music World I” and “Epic Music World II”, two of the most popular Youtube channels for epic music) who is going to help us out by managing our social media platforms and co-coordinating several projects.

Managing your current amount of music and advising composers on music cues takes much time right?

Chris: We decided to only work with people who have a deep understanding of how trailer music works which is why major feedback usually is not needed. However, we are extremely picky when it comes to mixing and mastering to assure that the music quality is top-notch. All in all I would say that music supervision does not take too much time as long as you work with the very best people in the industry.

It seems like things have been quieter on the epic music front. Do you see the genre leveling off or is there still room for more growth?

Kevin: I guess by “epic music front” you mean the general public audience, right? I would actually say that it becomes more and more popular these days as more trailer-music production companies are willing to release their music catalogue to the public. Usually most trailer-music out there is only available for trailer supervisors and editors.
Due to the big growth of the epic music promotion network on Youtube more people are discovering this new specific genre. In case you are talking about the typical, classic epic music I would definitely agree with you – there has been a big decrease of demand for that kind of music. Trends change from time to time which makes this entire thing so exciting. After using typical, epic classic music for several years I guess trailer supervisors and editors were looking for something more modern and new. That’s when hybrid and sound design trailer music was born.

How has epic music influenced your life in general?

Chris: I always find myself listening to epic music produced by Thomas Bergersen, Paul Dinletir, Ivan Torrent or Mark Petrie whenever I am going through difficult times. It might sound a little bit strange and cheesy but every time I listen to this kind of music I start to feel like a hero from a movie that faces the choice between giving up or proceeding. It definitely had and still has a great empowering impact on my life. 

Kevin: Yeah, I agree with Chris. Epic music definitely channeled our drive to discover as many wonders and secrets of this extremely intriguing universe. I randomly started to ask myself extremely deep and profound questions about life which I have never done before. Those definitely had a huge impact on my own personal development. It also skyrocketed our motivation to become the best possible version of myself and helped me to find a strong purpose in life that I did not really have before.

How do you feel about the community of people supporting epic music?

Chris: What I personally noticed is that it is a very family-like community. There was a time when I decided to help out a good friend of mine whose father got diagnosed with multiple types of cancer. I immediately launched a crowdfunding campaign to help him out financially so that they could afford proper treatment and would have to worry a little bit less.
It was extremely heartwarming to experience how caring this community really is. People who did not know my friend or his father at all suddenly started to donate money which definitely helped to make a positive change. I am still very grateful for this support. I am definitely a big fan of this community and I hope that more and more people will become part of it over the time.

What is your outlook for the future for End Of Silence and epic music?

Kevin: We are currently working on two major compilation albums – our most innovative and complex products up to this point. There are plans for a second solo album by one of our core composers, Daniel Beijbom and another one by our friends from IMAScore. This will definitely keep us busy enough until the end of the year.
Besides that we are doing some custom scoring jobs for advertisements and events in Dubai and Switzerland, BMW and Hyundai being some of our recent customers.

Our goal is making EOS a well-known audio brand within the trailer, film- and videogame industry.
Last but not least we would love to set up a charity project as well.

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