Interview with Adam Brown of Dual Motion Music

Dual Motion Music is a company that writes original music for trailers, films, video games, commercials and any other forms of media. They strive to be different and innovative; usually working with more than one composer on a project. Dual Motion will also be releasing through Cypher Trailer Music, run by Rob Oxenbridge. The main writing team is made up of a small group of writers for Cypher Music.

Dual Motion has a lot of experience in the industry and are always taking on new exciting projects! They have associations with AIR Studios, the English Session Orchestra and work directly with several professionals in the Hollywood film industry. There are also many other projects that they are working on such as commissions and production music.

Brown answered some questions from TMV.

What led you to form this new company?

The idea is for the company to be collaborations rather than solo works…so me and four others contribute to albums but two composers write each track rather than one! We want to be a bit out there and different.

So writing together we can keep it fresh and ex citing.

How have collaborations gone so far?

It’s the first group collaboration

 Who’s your biggest trailer music influence ?

Influences are anything that is big and memorable.I think we will have a focus on the dark side of things on the whole for the next few albums but the first is very broad bin terms of styles and emotions.

Immediate Music and Really Slow Motion are two companies that I’ve worked for and who also receive the most placements.

Two Steps From Hell are the most well known of course.

Stay tune for more info from Dual Motion and Cypher!




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