Human Nature

composers-for-relief-album-coverComposers for Relief is a collaborative project, where a group of 28 writers were each asked to write stories full of hope, inspired by wonderful tracks composed by over 30 composers. These tracks have been compiled into a charity album to raise money for victims of the recent typhoon that struck the Philippines.

I have written an entry for a track from that album and I am proud to present it to you all now.

Human Nature 

inspired by “Our Nature” by Valentin Boomes

The young man ran for his life as he had never done before. It was then that as he crossed by a street alley, he heard the cries of someone. The thoughts instantly flooded his mind, telling him to keep going. But even as he continued to move forward, there appeared that stabbing feeling from his conscience.

Help those while you can, wherever possible, were the words of it to him.

He ignored the pangs of warning and kept on running..

Can you really live with the inevitable results of your decision?

He then planted his feet firmly onto the asphalt, as if his shoes were digging into it, and made a sharp U-turn back towards the alley. Soon he entered into the alley and quickly scanned the area for the individual who called for help. The pressure he was under was so immense that the sweat that dripped from his forehead became like drops of blood. He then noticed movement under some garbage bags; throwing those aside, he found the person – it was a small infant. It couldn’t have been more than a month old.

Quickly scooping it up, he took off back onto the main street , fleeing out of the disaster struck town. He could see a light in the distance as he exited the place. It looked to be a rescue party; they seemed to be searching for something..or someone.

Deducing it was the baby, he held in his possession, he ran towards them. A woman who looked to be no older than thirty-five years of age emerged from the group. He held out the baby to her; there was no hesitation on her part as she plucked the child from his arms and heartily cuddled him.

“Are you the only one sir?” a another man from the rescue party asked. He nodded .


“What made you want to pick up the infant from that place?”, a news reporter asked.

The young man just shrugged his shoulders and said, “It was just the human thing to do. To see others needing help, and doing what we can to assist.”

The reporter nodded, smiling in agreement.

“What I did out there today, I did without a single thought. Because after all, we’re only’s in our nature,” he said.

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