Hammer of the Gods

The war between humans and giants raged on for many, many years.. The  earth shook and trembled beneath their feet, while the giants were passing through the villages, sowing panic ! 
The villages, were full of honest and chaste people. They did not have the means to fight against them … not even the toughest of men could deal with giants made of stone! Lack of weaponry made things worse and moral faded.

Menonas, a young and strong commander,  convinced people that they had no choice but to turn to the gods of Mount Olympus. After they made the necessary sacrifices to the gods, Zeus decided to help by ordering Hephaestus, god of fire and metallurgy,  to forge axes and swords and Athena, goddess of wisdom, strategy and war to give them her wisdom and blessings. Thus, Menonas assembled an army of men and went off to battle…and so the war had begun.

“May the power of Hyphaestus and the flame of Mount Olympus give me strength ! I shall bring down this beast even if it is the last thing i’ll ever do ! “Go back in the depths of Hades you disgusting freak !”


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