The Guardian

The year is 2053. War erupts between robots and humans.
Yet, an intimacy grew between them…
Many robots have entered into loving relationships with humans.

Despite the adversities, humans had strong feelings for robots and vice versa.

A couple, deelply in love, say their last words, while everything around them were turning to dust.

“We can not be together my love. The war we both were afraid of, has began ! I have to leave the city as soon as possible ! My father commands it ! (lowers her eyes) “Our love was doomed to fail. Let me touch your face one last time”!  A tear rolls down her cheek.

“Don’t say that ! I don’t wanna hear it ! My…robotic heart belongs to you, my love ! (pointing his robotic finger at his heart). Wherever you go i will always protect you. I am the GUARDIAN! The guardian of your heart !

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