Groove Worx (Groove Addicts)

    Groove Addicts is a business pertaining to the production of special soundtracks and music tunes. It was formerly known as Groove Worx, and was renamed as Groove Addicts recently in 2010. Groove Addict is accredited with numerous productions consisting of jingles in television programs, television news and has recently expanded to include the soundtracks relating to movies, films and their trailers.
    Groove Addicts has produced about 30,000 unique soundtracks associated with different mediums of interactional media. Popular television shows like “Deal or No Deal” and others have borrowed and purchased soundtracks from the Groove Addicts music production house. Founded in 1996, it has risen to popularity in a short span of time.
    Groove Addicts has come up with numerous albums consisting of unique tracks and tunes. Full Tilt Volume 1, Full Tilt Volume 2 and Full Tilt Volume 3 were launched closely together which gained widespread appreciation and recognition from its many audiences. Following this approval from people, Groove Addicts also indulged in activities to bring forth another album by the name of Full Tilt Trailer Tools Volume 1 and Full Tilt Trailer Tools Volume 2. These two albums specifically focused on piecing together and launching trailer music in the form of a bundle. These two albums, like its predecessors, were welcomed with immense enthusiasm and excitement on behalf of the public.
    Groove Addicts more recently launched another album by the name of Full Tilt Rising. This album also contains trailer music and relevant tunes from hit box office productions like Robin Hood, Avatar and others. After this album, Groove Addicts also produced and launched an album by the name of Full Tilt Convergence which, till date, keeps up the legacy of Full Tilt phenomenon.
     Groove Addict’s album Full Tilt Rising contains numerous soundtracks encompassing ecstasy and superior aesthetics. Of the collection, ‘conviction’ is a soundtrack which has proved to be a treat for those people whose ears are tuned in for nothing but only the very best music. Spread over a duration of one minute and forty one seconds, this soundtrack reflects building mystery and curiosity ending in an abrupt close. It is most suitable for vocally supporting trailers of mysterious and curious nature.
Michael Nielsen(left) and Kaveh Cohen in an interview
      This soundtrack and this album were produced by the collaborated efforts of Michael Nielsen and Kaveh Cohen. ‘Conviction’ is rumored to have been selected as the trailer music for Robin Hood 3. For its structure and content, it seems to be a wise decision by the relevant authorities. Also, it’s gradually ascending loudness and strength appropriately replicates the ascending interest of audience in comparison with the flow of the movie. Numerous blogs and networking spaces are currently discussing the acceptance and popularity of this Album “Full Tilt Rising” and it has been quite unanimously appreciated by all listeners and bloggers alike.
    Full Tilt Rising is a must listen for all those planning to spice up their aesthetics and musical taste buds. Even though copyrights and privacy policies do not allow downloading and sharing of these tunes, it is nevertheless available on numerous sites for free listening.

Groove Addicts has changed their name to ‘Groove Worx’!

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