Graeme Boomer-Ens

Upcoming album cover!

Meet Broken World Music. They started back in 2009. It was just Graeme Boomer-Ens at the time and he was going to name his tralier music company “War Glaive” but decided that “Broken World Music” was better. The second composer to join Broken World Music was composer Alexey Trishkin from Russia. He joined Broken World Music in early 2011.

 A few months later, another composer by the name of Brian Cho agreed to join Broken World Music. The most recent composer to join Broken World Music is composer Josef Hofmeister. Broken World Music’s volumes and track lists were created by founder, Graeme Boomer-Ens. He is in charge of naming all of the track names, and album names. The first official volume is called “Dark Summit” which is a combination of Action and Fantasy. The second official volume is called “Worldly Fantasia” which is a mixture of Adventure and Comedy.

The third official volume is called “Back to the Dark Side” which is Symphonic Rock/Action. The fourth official volume is called “Final Destination” which is a mixture of Adventure and Drama. These first four volumes will be available for free download. Big things are going to come of this small Trailer Music Company.

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