Globus – Break From This World Review

About a few months ago the music production company known as Globus, which itself is a shoot-off of Immediate Music, released a new album Break From This World. This was a followup to their debut album, Epicon.  I had the chance to download this album. How was it?

In a word, well, awesome. Of course, as in any music album, there are favorites and then are tracks that are just good. So, what were my favorites? Well, before I do, the track list is below for you to review.
1.”The Promise” (source track “Atlas”)7:36
2.”Wyatt Earth”source track “Wyatt’s Torch”)6:04
3.”Doomsday” (source track “Iron Warrior”)3:36
4.”A Thousand Deaths” (source tracks “Grand Inquisition” and “Mercutio”)6:30
5.”Save Me”  5:55
6.”In Memoriam” (source track “Journey To The Front”)4:24
7.”Manuela”  4:40
8.”Amazing Grace”  4:53
9.”Black Parade” (source track “Divide And Conquer”)5:18
10.”One Truth”  6:29
11.”Terminal”  7:21
12.”Elegy” (source track “Age Of Discovery”)7:24

My personal favorite is Wyatt Earth. This is an epic rock song. It begins with the piano playing and then, breaks in the main singer. The world we know,  a million years ago, and what we allow to break this all down, is the recurring theme throughout. My others are a Thousand Deaths, In Memoriam, and the Promise.

Stay tuned for more reviews. I recommend this album. It is worth it.

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