Future World Music: Zero Hour

Document1The latest industry release to come from Future World Music is Zero Hour.

Comprised of twenty original trailer music cues, this twelveth volume seems to retain more of a hybrid tone. While not a public release, Zero Hour still makes for great listening to any trailer music fan and general listener.

While Armen Hambar makes his expected impression on this work, there are some new additions who took part in composition, including Vlado Hudec and Aram Mandossian.

One track that got my attention was the opening cue, Descent Back to Earth, composed by Aram Mandossian. Immediately, you can imagine a shuttle perhaps returning from a space orbit, as it enters re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere. The dramatic and emotional pieces are what standout here (see Prevail and Lights Out).

Ultimately, Volume 12 is a solid album overall and should be given a look.

You can also listen to Zero Hour on Future World Music’s site and Reverbnation.

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