Future World Music – Millennium Volume 11

Artist biography
Future World Music has been producing quality scores for trailers for several years and over that time they have built up an impressive library. The kind of music they produce has a unique yet familiar sound which is why they have built up a serious client base including such big production companies as 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Their work features a professional sound which is just as well since they follow in the footsteps of epic composers such as Hanz Zimmer and James Newton Howard. The idea behind Future World Music is to re-create motion picture soundtrack for the purpose of advertising  films. What follows is a review of their latest album, Millennium.

Millennium volume 11 album review

For their latest epic music extravaganza, Future World of Music released a collection of 48 inspiring tracks spanning two discs. The first disc opens with an exciting track called A Hero Will Rise. This is a great track to open the album with as it epitomizes all that is epic music. After a steady build up the track comes to life with an orchestral sound that envelopes the world of cinema. It is exciting, grand and once it has hooked you it doesn’t let go. The only downside is that it could have done with being a bit longer. Thankfully the album continues to impress with the next track, Gods and Demons. This track has an excellent orchestral sound that is both grand and epic. Passion of Victory places a greater emphasis on voices with some beautiful harmonies to melt the heart. The epic scale of the album continues through the first disc with a variety of tunes encompassing every facet of emotion. The first disc finishes with a track called Beautiful which delivers everything that the title implies. The second disc features a selection of tracks that are variations of the tunes found on the first disc.

Stand out tracks
There are some outstanding tracks on this album such as the beautiful sounding Passion of victory to the heart stopping Rise of the Machines. Undoubtedly one of the best tracks on the album is Leap of Faith, a truly epic score that builds up incredibly well.
Overall opinion
Future World Music has come up trumps with this album as it provides the listener with a large amount of tracks that are varied and exciting enough to keep interest levels high. The second disc is a nice addition to the proceedings with a collection of tracks that offer something different compared with those on the first disc. There are only minor changes to the tracks on disc 2 such as no choir but they are enough to offer a different perspective to the listening experience. It’s fair to say that Future World Music has excelled with the release of Millennium Volume 11.

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