Full Tilt: End Game on iTunes

Full Tilt END GAMERemember the trailer music industry release End Game from the Full Tilt series? Well, news has now  arrived that it will be coming to a digital store, (namely iTunes) near you on November 12 of next week. Below is a preview of the album as well as the full track list:




Full track list:
1. Outlander
2. Rebirth
3. Call To Arms
4. Ascendance
5. Grinder House
6. Rapture
7. Mark And Execute
8. Risen
9. Melting Point
10. September
11. The Game
12. Flashpoint
13. Heroes Will Rise
14. Eclipse
15. The Bridge

End Game would now become the second public album under the Full Tilt label, now under the domain of Non-Stop Trailers, the trailer division of Warner Chappell Production Music. Full Tilt, which was started by the incredibly talented composing duo of Kaveh Cohen and Michael Nielsen of Ninja Tracks. Originally part of Groove Addicts, Full Tilt came in-house several years ago and has been part of the Warner/Chappell Production Music family since then (of which “Non-Stop Trailers” is the Trailer Music Division). That said, END GAME is the latest album from Full Tilt and features 15 original compositions. It has been an industry-only release but due to fan requests will be released on iTunes and other platforms next week.

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