Full Tilt – Convergence – Kaveh Cohen & Michael Nielsen

Convergence album cover

         A while back, TMV released an article about the company known as Groove Worx, formerly known by the name ‘Groove Addicts’,
a music library housed in Los Angeles, California, USA. The main owners of the company were and still are ‘kaveh cohen’ & ‘michael nielsen’. They are especially known for their work in the Full Tilt Series. In 2010, a more recent album was released by the name of ‘full tilt convergence’.  While this album still sequentially follows its predecessors in retaining that ‘Full Tilt’ prefix, the music itself differs greatly. In what way, you may ask?
             ‘full tilt convergence’ retains the sounds that one would recognize from Cohen, such as the delicately placed synths and beats, and trademark choirs; neither of which overpowers the other. The choirs and beats are balanced masterfully here once again. This is recognizable in the tracks ‘to glory groove addicts’ and ‘convergence groove addicts’. But, it also breaks tradition in that this is the first album from these two masters that includes a new variation and wavelength to trailer music – hybrid orchestra. The track ‘Retribution’ brought this new aspect out; the song features whisps of guitar strings and playing, and in the middle of the song the orchestra arrives right on time, bringing the riveting melodies that we’ve all come to love.
                So Full Tilt Convergence proves, at least to me, that a trailer music album can contain elements derived from modern instruments and still be epic.

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