Fringe Element Releases Dramatic Hybrid Album “Goliath”

Goliath_Album CoverFringe Element Music, the trailer music catalog for  Angry Mob Music,  will be releasing a new AMMG sig filealbum known as Goliath next week on June 11. Angry Mob music handles publishing for roughly 40 artists, as well as hold a trailer music catalog called Fringe Element, with spots in Iron Man 3, Cloud Atlas, The Expendables 2, Battleship and others.  Composer David Edwards has made his mark on this latest venture.


Below, you will find the official press release along with some photos of the recording sessions, and a preview of what to expect:

Fringe Element announces the industry release of Goliath, the team’s much anticipated album recorded live with the Capellen Orchestra of the Czech Republic. Musical themes contained in the collection cover a range from dark, post-apocalyptic hybrid to more dramatic, epic landscapes.

All music was composed and arranged by David Edwards (Iron Man 3, Expendables 2, Battleship), and Daniel Nielsen (Argo, Cloud Atlas, Rise of the Planet of The Apes). The album was produced by Fringe Element executive producer Sean Harrison and composer David Edwards, and mixed by industry veteran Jim Hill at Emmy-winning composer Trevor Morris’ studio in Santa Monica, California.

The Fringe Element team continues to grow their already successful catalog with Goliath and has positioned themselves to be a formidable contender in the trailer music marketplace.

Goliath producer Sean Harrison notes, “From the get-go we wanted to produce an amazing album that would not only add support to the visuals within trailers, but would truly inspire the creative process from the beginning of a project. We wanted it to be more about good music, and less about simply smashing people over their heads with bombastic tracks. I believe this album has a nice balance of both.”

Initially, Goliath will only be available for industry licensing but will have a public retail release later in 2013. The date of the public release has not yet been announced.

About Fringe Element

Fringe Element is a boutique trailer music house that produces music for Film & Television Advertising, in addition to trailers for Gaming and other visual media. Fringe Element is a part of the Angry Mob Music Group. For licensing inquiries, please contact Sean Harrison at or (310) 857-6389.


Goliath Orchestra_1 Goliath Orchestra_2







Trevor Morris Studio Mixing Session

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