FRIENDSHIP TO LAST: Tristan & Falcor

TRISTAN: Hey, mum. Look what I found!
MORGAN: Oh,Tristan. Not again!

TRISTAN: Oh, mum. Please, can I keep him? Look at him. He is so little! I found him in the woods, just as he was getting out of his egg!
MORGAN: What?! Are you serious?! You must take him back! What if his mother starts looking for him? Did it ever occur to you that she may start worrying for him… I mean…
MORGAN: What were you thinking?!
TRISTAN: Mum, you don’t understand. His mother is…
MORGAN: Send him back to his mother this instant! You hear me Tristan?!
TRISTAN: Mum! His mother was lying next to the egg… dead!
MORGAN: …………….Oh! I see…. (silence)
TRISTAN: Pleeeeease, mum! I promise to take care of him! He is all alone and that we always wanted a dragon. Remember?

MORGAN: Well… I suppose we can keep him, but only for a while. O.K.
TRISTAN: Mum! You are the best! (hugs her)
MORGAN: What is the name of our new fellow?
TRISTAN: His name is Falkor!
MORGAN: Falkor? Oh, O.K. then. Welcome little Falkor! (caressing the dragon’s head)
TRISTAN: Mum, can i go play now?
MORGAN: Nooooo! You promised to take care of him! First thing that you should do, is to feed him. He must be starving. And, I will help you with his bath. O.K.?
TRISTAN: Awesome! Thanks mum!

Morgan looked at Tristan with a smile on her face. He was growing up fast. Faster than she thought! After the death of his father, Tristan was all she got. But he was feeling lonely, despite the love and carrying everyone gave him in the castle. And then, it occurred to Morgan that maybe, Falkor came at the right time.

Image by: MorriganAixa / Website:  Deviant Art 

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