Florian Bur – Composer

164280_4733152090205_544691428_nFlorian Bur was born on April 13, 1987. Since his early childhood, his passion has been music. Due to his distinct ear for music, he was able to play various instruments already in his youth. Cello, Swiss-accordion and Piano has been his companions.The greatest success of his musical career has been the composition of the soundtrack of the Swiss movie ‘Das Königstreffen’ (a biography of Jörg Abderhalden) which was played in theatres and on TV. Every song of Florian Bur is made in his unmistakable way of composing. Those songs are going right to the heart and are proving his extraordinary art of composing, because all the songs are made without the knowledge of harmonics. Every song tells his own story.”The answer to every question is the music in his heart.

Normally, I’m not a big fan of dubstep, but when I heard this song by Florian I was quite pleased. A good mix is shown here and hopefully there are more to come from this upcoming guy.


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