Fired Earth Music – Dark Urban Epics

Artist biography
Fired Earth Music is a music production company that specialise in providing scores for trailers in the film promotion sector. They have created music for some high profile trailers including The Hunger Games and Snow White and the Huntsman. The company is comprised of several talented composers who have experience in the creation of music for films and video games. They are known for creating original music with emphasis on an epic sound. 

Dark Urban Epics album review

Dark Urban Epics is a must for anyone who has a passion for film music. The album begins with a great opening track, Seeker of the Prophecy, which gives a hint to the style of music to come. There are a variety of musical styles on offer from classical to urban and they are all rolled into one beautiful medley. The excellence continues with Rise from the Ashes, which is more of a high spirited tune compared with the first track and one that places emphasis on high drama. Evil Reborn is a track that amps up the rock element to the max and is reminiscent of bands like Linkin Park with heavy use of guitars and electronics as well as a thumping drum beat. The drama is taken to a new level with The Darkest Night, a pulse pounding tune that features a mix of orchestra, drums and also the inclusion of a haunting choir.
The music on this album is quite different from a lot of the epic music fair thanks to the urban rock element. The sharp drum beats and electronic side of the album really help to create a unique sound.

Stand out tracks
Twelve tracks may not sound like much for an album like this one but these are twelve quality tracks. In that respect it’s difficult to single out the best tunes, however there are a couple that push the boundaries of music to a new level. Gothic Sanctum is a menacing track that also manages to invoke images of epic films of recent years. The Chosen One is another great track with a fast pace and catchy beat.

Overall opinion
This album is an accomplished piece of work that sets new standards in the world of epic music. Every track is great in its own right and the album has enough passion to keep even the most ardent epic music fan happy. This album is another worthy addition to the world of the motion picture soundtrack.

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