Fired Earth Music: Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist is the latest release to come from the Fired Earth Music label. It is also the fifteenth album overall from the company. This release was exclusively composed by Stephen D. Hilton. Ten distinct tracks make up Volume 15 and each has their own trademark.

Epic and inspirational trip hop, orchestral beats and cinematic indie. Love-tinged soundscapes and experimental orchestral electronica by British film score composer, Stephen Hilton. Laura’s Theme is an excellent example in this regard (see video below).

This album of ten tracks is split into two halves: ‘Day’ – love-tinged, dreamy soundscapes and ‘Night’ – experimental orchestral electronica. The album features interesting string arrangements and performances by ‘Geese’, the London based duo who have produced remixes and string arrangements for the likes of Hot Chip, Jon Hopkins, David Holmes, James Yorkston, Adrian Crowley and various others.

Hilton himself has quite an interesting past in the film score industry. After his music demos drew the attention of a Sony Music executive, Stephen left school at the age of 15. Hilton also signed a publishing deal with Sony as well. He is now in Hollywood making music with the legendary Hans Zimmer.

He began to create beats and samples for Soul II Soul under the tutelage of Japanese drummer and arranger Gota Yashiki. A few years later he joined a team of three other programmers to work on albums for Depeche Mode and Bomb the Bass. He was initially skeptical as he felt more “green” than his counterparts. Eventually, he saw that he was still onboard as in his words “everyone else got fired except for me.”

Afterwards, he scored a few commercials for Coca-Cola with Craig Armstrong. With success there, he finally made his way into the film scoring sector and has worked on several blockbuster films such as Quantam of Solace, Ocean’s Eleven as well as its sequels in 2004 and 2007.

Zeitgeist is as a result of Hilton’s roots blending with the film world. As he is currently slated to work on more blockbuster film projects from Hollywood, Hilton decided it was time to record his first solo album.

You can read more of Stephen Hilton’s music background as well as listen to Zeitgeist here.

Epic listening!


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