Fired Earth Music releases “Heroes” Volume 14

What do you get when you put Mark Petrie, Jochen Flach, Charles Evans and company together? The Avengers…well, not really, but Heroes. This is the name of the latest release under the Fired Earth Music label.
If you’re on the hunt for new fresh iconic trailer music cues for use in a superhero or epic action film, this volume will adequately fit your needs. This latest collection tracks are epic and heroic in nature for cutting-edge action movies.

For Mark Petrie fans, you will definitely enjoy the track Infinite, Immortal. This track opens with that theme of anticipation which prepares one’s ears for the oncoming flow. The action hits about less then fifty seconds into this song. By the midpoint, this is one almighty masterpiece, punctuated nicely by male choir. This would fit in a trailer for a major upcoming superhero film advertising campaign, such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Other cues I recommend are The Ultimate Frontier, From Dusk to Dawn by Charles Evans.

Also, this Fired Earth Music release features BMI composer Jermaine Stegall who puts his own mark on Heroes with tracks, The Avenged and Men of Honor. Even Inon Zur gets in on the action here with his dark foreboding cue Wrath of the Universe.

Whether you are a client seeking new great cues for film advertising or just a trailer music listener and collector, this album is definitely worth checking out.

You can listen to it on West One Music’s site.

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