Fired Earth Music – Legends of Time album

thumbFired Earth music has released the twentieth album in their trailer music catalog,  Legends of Time. This album was composed by David Buckley and Robert Bennett.

A premium collection of orchestral fantasy trailers. Huge, memorable themes, humorous drop-downs and knockout backends.

 As the prior statement indicates, this album would best suit fantasy adventure film projects and the like.

You may listen to the full album on the official page on Fired Earth’s website here. Two standout tracks are Saxon’s Theme and Tides of Galiliee, by Buckley and Bennett respectively. The official press release is below:



FIRED EARTH MUSIC marks its 20th release

with an outstanding collection of Fantasy Adventure

by composers David Buckley and Robert Bennett.

Album Description:

Fired Earth Music presents a premium collection of orchestral fantasy trailers.  Live action adventure, quirky, madcap animation, epic, emotive heroism and Celtic forest myths. Expect huge, memorable themes, humorous drop-downs and knockout backends.


Track List


1.            The Black Sorcerer                      David Buckley

2.            Tides of Galilee                             Robert L. Bennett

3.            Our Forefathers                             David Buckley

4.            Beyond the Abyss                       Robert L. Bennett

5.            Forest Flight                                   David Buckley

6.            Mad Dashery                                  Robert L. Bennett

7.            Celtic Knights                                 David Buckley

8.            Calamitous Capers                      David Buckley

9.            Cavalry on the Horizon              David Buckley

10.          Saxon’s Theme                              David Buckley



LEGENDS OF TIME is available for licensing in Europe from February 27th through West One Music Group and in the USA through their exclusive representative APM Music from May 1st 2014.


For more information please visit or contact Label Manager, Hannah Vice:


This album will be available to the public shortly. Stay tuned.


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