Featured Trailer Music Artist : Second Suspense

 Trailer Music Vibe has been throttling the interview avenue with trailer music this week, and here’s yet another great one with a newcomer Second Suspense. I spoke with German composer Max Suchanek, who is a joint owner of the company with his partner, Sebastian Boehnke. Since 2011, Second Suspense has produced music for short films, trailers & video games.

You can hear more great music from them on YouTube as well as Soundcloud. For now, enjoy the interview!

Q: How did you get into composing for film?
A: At first, as is so often, it began as a common hobby – in our case “home recording” – which allowed us to realize our musical ideas. We both came originally from different music-genres with different music influences and paragons. And the more we saw trailer, the clearer it became that we want to produce this kind of music. Furthermore the trailer and movie Genre is much comprehensive: The variety of so many different films and usage possibilities for this kind of music allows us to introduce many different approaches in our music. Even this freedom when composing has been crucial to us, to turn towards the trailer/movie genre.

Q: What is your favorite part of composing a trailer cue?
A: It is a great fun at composing, when you found a melodic tune. Then the right chords and transitions you need grow in by itself. So for us, the Arrangement is the best part in producing. Although the later embellishing with technical effects and the subsequent mixing are technically very interesting, even so by our kind of artistic value, we like the arrangement of a trailer cue the most.
Q: Are there any upcoming projects?
A: Currently we are of particular interest in creating a music video. It really would be a new challenge for us to produce a movie trailer. That won’t be simple: you also need contacts and have to deal with a new kind of matter.
Presently we are working on a slightly larger album that we would like to publish. However, there exists only a principle, which must still be elaborate. We still look optimistically into the future, as producing makes a lot of joy to us. In addition, we are very eager to give our songs a voice.
We are looking for singers and are already in contact with some artists. It would be great to combine our plans.

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