Featured Trailer Music Artist -Position Music – Vendetta Volume 6

‘Position Music’ is a production house accredited for generating music tunes and soundtracks. It was founded in 1999 by Tyler Bacon who now holds the position of President in his own organization. In a short time span of about eleven to twelve years since its inception, it has been accredited with the production of innumerable soundtracks which it contributed towards television programs and films. Position Music’s official webpage contains a complete list of its works and is also an online resource for retrieving most of its tunes. Position Music works in collaboration with different artists and producers to bring forth albums and independent scores to treat the aesthetic sense of its numerous followers and audiences. On its official website, it claims that the protection and encouragement of new and old artists is its core motive. Position Music’s business is not only restricted to the production and launch of music, but it also caters to several other matters of attention regarding music and its privacy protection.

Album Cover

   Position Music has been attributed with a library of musical pieces. It recently launched an album by the name of ‘Vendetta’ in 2011 (last year). This album is categorized by Position Music as a part of its genre ‘Orchestral music’ for its intelligent composition consisting of orchestral instruments. It was produced with the collaboration of Jo Blankenburg, a German composer working in this industry since 2007. Jo Blankenburg has also produced numerous other musical pieces apart from his contribution towards “Position Music’s’ Library. His latest project, however, seems to have been the composition and transformation of ‘Vendetta’ from paper to audio.

Jo Blankenburg

     This album stretches over around fourteen tracks. It is available for purchase through numerous sources online as well as available for free listening. It includes a genius amalgamation of choir and choir-free compositions which accentuates the pleasure of listeners. The title song of this album, “Vendetta”, is an orchestral masterpiece, chosen as trailer music for the most-awaited movie of the year “Breaking Dawn Part 1”. Its exquisite construction justifies its high rating and usage. Spread over a duration of two minutes and twelve seconds, this tune starts as a mellow orchestral composition reflecting happiness and fortune for the first twenty nine seconds. This time dimly mirrors ecstasy and glee. However, immediately as the music transcends into its thirtieth second, the scenario and emotion of the tune suddenly changes into grim depiction of intense action and battle. The tune changes abruptly to absorb the complications and sudden change of moods and emotions from happiness to gloomy and sorrowful. A masterpiece in itself, it is the most appropriate reflection of the movie theme as well.

   Apart from Vendetta, several other soundtracks have also been highly regarded by the audiences. This album is classified as trailer music by many, as most of these tunes can be appropriately used as supporting music for movies and films. This album has been composed as a solo by Jo Blankenburg and is a quite representative of his other music pieces.

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