Featured Artist Fran (Koke) Núñez

When it comes to trailer music the producers are look for the right trailer music artist who is the master of unique and tranquil sounds. The trailer music featured artist Fran Nunez is a Spanish composer who is out to steal the lime light with his sensational orchestra, bombastic drums and rhythmic guitar tunes. Fran Nunez proved himself as one of the best with the release of his phenomenal third album called `Bushido’. This brilliant composer has two previous albums to his credit but this new album rules out all the others.
The previous album by the name of Ancient Kingdom’ truly transports one’s soul into the olden times. One of the tracks of this album called `Moctezuma’ can definitely be counted as the work of a great maestro. It is not only liked by the die heart fans but by the movie fanatics. This soundtrack reflects on the courage and times of the great emperor Moctezuma. This emperor was a significant figure during the conquest of the Aztec empire. This track leaves no loophole in transfer a person into that time and era so that a person can truly taste the majesty of the Aztec empire.
His third album has eighteen tracks in total. Each one of the tracks is truly extraordinary and has a different aura around it. This makes these tracks remarkably unique in their own surreal way. The third album `Bushido’ is a mix of Japanese music with the swiftly playing guitars. It reflects the samurai’s music of the ancient times of Japan. The soundtracks are a superb mix of the modern age music and the ancient tunes, a concept not much seen in today’s trailer music composers. The way the artist has merged the orchestra with the sound of the traditional Japanese gongs and sakuhachi is just out of the world.  This music gives a new life to the film trailer music.
The famous track of this album by the name of `Honor’ is gaining popularity. The effect of the pipes played in it is very impressive and has struck the right balance between today’s music and the ancient tunes. The track by the name of` Rectitude’ is famous because of the bombastic voice of the gong and the melodious voice of the flute. This album not only rekindles the Japanese music but also draws a beautiful contrast been the old tunes and the new ones.

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