Evolving Sound – Dystopia Press Release



Manchester, UK, January 10th, 2017 – Dystopia is a collection of tense, unnerving and sinister cues, that fuse dystopic live strings and brass, mangled solo instruments, and abrasive sound design, to deliver profoundly dark, moody and powerful trailer-scores, carefully designed for theatrical promotion.

Rather than rely purely on sound-design, Evolving Sound wanted the album to be built primarily around menacing tonal ideas – shuddering brass and string bends, grating clusters, dissonant spiccatos, mutilated solo violin recorded, processed and resampled. They worked with hand-picked, custom ‘dark brass’ and ‘dark string’ ensembles from the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, and recorded a host of brooding, unnerving parts, featuring dissonant, jarring playing styles and articulations not achievable with samples.


The result is a set of tracks which stalk ominously around the edges of horror, into dark action and drama, adult fairy-tales and tense, sinister thriller territory, showcasing a distinct blend of minimalist orchestral arrangements and signature sounds, hauntingly blended with grating sound-design.


This ambitiously austere album features 9 of the industry’s best composers, some of Europe’s leading orchestral players, and suitably unnerving, custom artwork by ‘dark artist’ Jarek Kubicki.


Dystopia will be released on 24th January to industry clients only, via direct download and the Evolving Sound client site on Source Audio – visit https://evolvingsound.sourceaudio.com  or contact info@evolvingsound.com  for access. It will be available on general release later in the year.


DYSTOPIA TEASER VIDEO: https://youtu.be/EtiIpn8Htzw


Dystopia is the boutique UK trailer label’s 7th album since their launch 8 months ago. Latest placements include the new trailer for the forthcoming Jennifer Lawrence movie ‘Red Sparrow’, and game promos for Blizzard’s ‘Heroes of the Storm’.


RED SPARROW TRAILER: https://youtu.be/PmUL6wMpMWw


All enquiries: https://www.evovlingsound.com / info@evolvingsound.com


For more information, please contact Jules on +44 (0)161 883 2221 or

email info@evolvingsound.com.


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