Erik Ekholm – When All Lights Go Out Review!

Artist Biography 
Epic music is a genre that has grown from strength to strength with many artists producing some great music. Epic Ekholm is one of the best in the field of epic music and since the creation of his production studio Brickwall Audio in 2009. He has been creating music since the age of 13 and has refined his sound into something unique and special. He has produced music for film, TV and video games for the purpose of promotion.

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When All Lights Go Out single review
Three versions of When all Lights go out are included on this single. The first version features vocals by Veronica Lliopoulou, the second is a trailer mix and the third is the same as the original mix minus the vocals.

When All Lights Go Out with vocals
The track begins gently with a synth beat and a quiet acoustic guitar and then it slowly builds up with a thumping beat. The vocals are a nice touch and are reminiscent of the vocals in the Ridley Scott film Gladiator. Special mention must go to the epic scope of this track as it was produced using a 50 piece orchestra, guitars and a wealth of synthesizers. Overall this is a great track that opens up the imagination and deserves repeated listening.

When All Lights Go Out trailer mix
This version of the track is more of a compact yet perhaps more powerful tune than the previous incarnation. It features heavy use of synthesizers and a thumping drum beat throughout. This track has been put together with film promotion in mind and it sure does show. It is shorter than the other two versions found on this release and it wastes no time getting in gear. This piece of music great at creating a dark mood but at the same time it is a joy to listen to.

When All Lights Go Out without vocals
This track is exactly the same as the version that features vocals by Veronica Lliopoulou just without her vocals. Sometimes it’s nice to listen to an instrumental version of a song and this track fits that bill nicely.

Overall opinion
The songs mentioned here are all worth the asking price. Erik Ekholm has produced an awesome single with three amazing variations of the same track. It is that little bit darker than many of his contemporaries thanks to the use of synthesizers making it that little bit edgier.

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