Erik Ekholm – Rex Infernos review

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The world of Epic Music is certainly an exciting place with such composers as Erik Ekholm around. Ekholm excels at creating beautiful music with an emotional heart at its core. He has experience in sound design and has developed his own unique style of music, blending industrial, electronic and synth. Ekholm composes exciting tracks for movie advertising campaigns. He also puts music together for TV and Video Games. His music has been used in many high profile film trailers including the one for The Dark Knight.
Rex Infernos
Rex Infernos is the latest album from the talented Erik Ekholm. His creations perfectly capture the drama and excitement of cinema as there is a strong similarity to the kind of music found in big blockbuster films. The album opens with an intro track which is similar in style to some of the quieter music found in The Dark Knight. There is more of a rock sound to the next track, Endless, which also features some stirring vocals. The variety continues as the third track, Free Flight, places more of a light hearted attitude to the proceedings but it still has a powerful sound at its core. The music continues to impress as the album progresses with a variety of musical styles on offer. For instance, Rain of Embers starts off with a rather mellow sound, achieved in part by the soft vocals but the industrial electronic sound lifts the music to new heights.
Stand out Tracks
Each and every track on the album oozes quality which is a good thing as there are 18 of them. Of course some of the tracks stand out above the others such as Deep Zero, a dark tune with a strong electro rock vibe.
Overall opinion
Film music is a big part of the cinema going experience so it’s nice to be able to continue that epic feeling beyond the films we know and love. The music on this album is fresh and exciting with a very modern sound. There no doubt that Rex Infernos is Epic Music at the top of its game.

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