A Trailer Music Story = E.P.I.C.



What comes into your mind when you hear the word epic? Is it a huge event, maybe like a concert, movie, book and so on?

Trailer music truly does have that epic tone as trailer music fans can attest to. What if, there was another use of Trailer music, in a new and different way? How you ask?

It is my pleasure to announce work on a trailer music novel called E.P.I.C. This is a fantasy thriller story which ties the use of trailer music into the plot.

18 year old senior Brighton Luvell attends John Marshall High School in Los Angeles California, U.S.A. aided by his sidekick and conspiracy theorist Crianso. Unsure of what direction to take his life in and unappeased by the freedom of college life, he soon opts to work at the esteemed Walt Disney Concert Hall as a janitor. One night during a special ceremony, a spectacular event occurs that will change the life of Brighton forever..

A Strange symbol is embedded on the wall with the acronym: E.P.I.C.

Rarely does Brighton notice the connection between the symbol and the world as a whole. But he needs to, for the forces at work who would seek to harness the power of it for evil ends. Join Brighton on this epic journey to uncover the real meaning behind..

You can follow updates on the Facebook page here. This is trailer music’s time to rise and become legend..Concept art as well as more updates are coming soon! So tell all of your friends and contacts, both in trailer music world and outside..

because Epic will never be the same.


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