“Epic World” from West One Music

The latest release to come from West One Music is “Epic World”, a collection of epic action cues for promos and trailers. There are twelve tracks in this release, but every single one is full of power and meaning. Daniel L. Heath as well as Jane Antonia Cornish have definitely made their mark on this iconic album.

A prime example in this regard is the cue “Titans of War” composed solely by Heath. This cue comes across as fast and furious from beginning to end. The first minute and nine seconds immediately grabbed my attention and had me clocked in for the duration of this cue. The frenetic pace of the strings was awesome, to say the least.

The collaboration of Cornish was a great idea in that it helped to provide balance to these twelve tracks. A few examples of this is shown in “Journey to the Abyss”, where the solo female vocal throughout this song makes a powerful statement from the beginning as well as Celtic Pride. That track was full of strong Irish flavors as well as an overall uplifting and optimistic theme.

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