Epic Soul Factory

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Epic Soul Factory is a music production company that specializes in the film advertising sector. The company is made up of four members, Fran Soto, David De La Moreno, Cesc Vila and Eduardo Jimenez, who are all seasoned musicians. Their brand of music is emotional, exciting and above all, epic.
Epic Soul Factory music
Epic Soul Factory has released three public albums which contain a great variety of their most popular tracks. Their brand of epic music has plenty of imagination and with each new release they have managed to add something new. Volume one includes 12 excellent tracks from the group which range in style from the downright scary to the adventurous. Poltergeist Attack captures the essence of the horror genre and brings it to your ears in all its bone chilling glory. Amazona is another example of a tune capturing the spirit of cinema. This track has a distinct exotic flavor that conjures up memories of such films as Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones.
Volume two amps up the Epic sound even more with a slightly darker more foreboding tone throughout. This time around there is a total of 16 tracks to enjoy. Tracks such as Powerful and Prayers are incredibly atmospheric, the latter in particular being a beautiful yet dark piece of music. It’s interesting to hear how the four different composers differ since each one brings something that little bit different to each of the tracks. The use of a choir on several of the tracks helps to boost the level of drama to new heights. The music is a rich multi-layered listening experience thanks to the use of many different types of sounds and a variety of instruments including guitar and piano.
Epic Soul Factory also released an album called Xpansion Edition which is pretty much in the same vain as the previous two albums but as the saying goes ‘you can’t have too much of a good thing’. The same level of excellence is present on all of the tracks. The album begins with a hypnotic tune that manages to tug at the heart strings in places. The main focus of this album seems to be one of relaxation since the music brings a sense of calm and harmony.
Overall opinion
Epic Soul Factory has created some beautiful tunes which have graced three epic albums. It is obvious that their passion for creating soul stirring music has flowed through every track they create. Their albums are more than worth a listen. Here’s hoping that they’ll continue to create amazing music for many years to come.

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