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Epic Score is a music production company based in Los Angeles that creates music for movie trailers. It has been around since 2006. The company is owned by Gabriel Shadid.
Their unique sound is a result of several years of hard work and dedication and there is no doubt that all the effort has paid off as they have produced music for various high profile movies such as Rise of the Planet of the Apes. To help create their distinctive brand of music the production team has cleverly utilized choirs, orchestras and various other elements.
Epic Score music review
Epic Score have created some great tracks since they came into being in 2006 and have developed a unique sound that is quite unlike a lot of other music found in the movies. Their unique sound has graced advertisements for such films as Angels and Demons and The City of Ember. It becomes clear from listening to a few of their tracks why their music has been used for several movie marketing campaigns, one of the most notable being 10,000 BC directed by Roland Emmerich. Epic Score albums are coming thick and fast there are now three new albums to try out. Even though it may seem like these albums have been churned out they are certainly no lacking in quality. Let’s look at these albums one at a time to find out if they stand out from the competition.

Action and Adventure volume 9
Volume 9 feature some epic tracks some of which will sound familiar to many but given their strong movie influence this comes as no surprise. Epic Score live up to their name with Action and Adventure volume 9 with some pulse pounding tracks to listen to. Some of the tracks have less of an orchestral sound to them; in fact they veer more on the rocky side with drum beats and electric guitars galore.

Action and Adventure Volume 10
The music on volume 10 differs slightly from the previous collection with the inclusion of more drama. This is achieved with the use of a choir however there is also a greater emphasis on the orchestral side of things. The music on these albums helps to stir up the imagination with some great build ups and on that basis this album surpasses the first one. A few of the tracks in particular have a noticeable electronic overtone which greatly accompanies the orchestra. In a way the two styles shouldn’t work but they complement each other perfectly and add to the atmosphere.

Action and Adventure volume 11
The electronics are amped up for Action and Adventure volume 11 but this time around there is more of a fun feel to the proceedings. Elements of Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers can be heard. Thankfully there are still some tracks that capture the epic side of cinema but overall this album doesn’t quite live up to volume 11. It is still a worthy addition to anyone’s movie score collection.

Overall opinion
It has to be said that these are a worthy purchase. They are bright and epic and the music demands to be noticed. The standout album is volume 10 as it features a selection of adrenaline fuelled tracks that standout amongst some great film scores such as those for Batman Begins and Tron. 

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