Epic Score – Desperate Moment

The year is 1941 ! World War 2 continues to rage.  A vast majority of civilians are dead and soldiers are trying to stay alive while serving the military forces.

The sky darkens from the dogfights, fires sent their red tongues licking around the bulidings, people running trying to find shelter among the ruins …. Chaos everywhere !

Two comrades faithful to their duties, where fighting bravely in the frontline, when suddenly a shell falls -a little further away from where they stood- by making a deafening noise.

One of them is badly injured, the other one survives the hit. He tries to drag his wounded friend out of the fire zone, pulling out his weapon for protection. Just when he had found a small corner away from the gunshots, in order to treat his wound, a loud booming sound of a tank chasing them made him tremble with fear ! That desperate moment when your whole life is flashing before your eyes !


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