Epic Music Family – #EMF

If you’ve been a follower of epic music for the last several years, no doubt you can relate to the fact that you can freely interact with other like-minded individuals who share the same passion for epic music, perhaps on YouTube, Facebook as well as other media platforms.

With that in mind, we now turn to the latest project on that front, which is Epic Music Family, or EMFx for short. This project was co-founded and is overseen by composer Christian Baczyk and Kai Rathsack, founder of the popular EpicMusicWorld channel on YouTube.




You have been a composer and followed epic music for some years. What led you to begin EMFx?

I believe that by combining profession and purpose big things can happen. EMFx is a charity organization that I have started together with my two friends Kai Rathsack (Founder: Epic Music World I and II) and Kevin Mantey (Founder: Trailer Music World I and II, End Of Silence).
Our goal is to give aspiring music producers from all over the world the chance to make a living with their passion.
At the same time we want to give parts of our earnings away to support charity projects.
Kevin, Kai and I have been dreaming about working together for three years. After creating four of the most successful music-promotion channels for trailer-music on Youtube (“Trailer Music World I”, “Trailer Music World II”, “Epic Music World I”, “Epic Music World II”) with an evergrowing community of over one million people in total, followed by our very own music-production company “End Of Silence”, we decided to use all our resources and work on our newest project, EMFx.

We understand that there was a recent gathering of some in the epic music community over in Munich, Germany not too long ago. Could you let us know what was the purpose of it and how it went?

In the first place we wanted to get to know the people we already communicate with over social media for such a long time. It was truly a fascinating and inspirational weekend and it made us many more possibilities for EMFx. The meet up turned out to be exactly as we have expected it to be like. It was the gathering of a big family. Of course we discussed a lot of things depending EMFx there and for us it was definitely just the first meeting of many.

While epic music has continued to grow in terms of the amount of listeners and overall fan base, it may appear that there may not much evidence of other growth to the outsider. How does EMFx address that aspect?

You mentioned the aspect of a growing audience but thanks to EMFx there is definitely a huge growth on the side of the composers, too. While a few years ago one often had to struggle for a long period of time, starting with small and probably even unpaid projects – just to gain more recognition and reputation to finally establish as a professional composer – we now have the chance through our Youtube network to directly recognize potential and give young composers the chance to immediately enter the Trailer/TV industry with just a little guidance from us (sometimes it’s not even necessary).
Since you mentioned the meet up in Munich I remember when we entered the piano store and the guys started playing the most beautiful compositions and we just thought to ourselves ‘’Damn, they are very good. Why aren’t they famous yet?’’ We can give them a chance to get their music professionally produced and also create music which is less constructed for to the trailer industry but more for listening purpose which means the music will be often longer and more free in terms of structure and composition.
Also in general we are building a community and try to connect like minded people which we connect with through more than just the music. We ourselves have found a lot of new, great friends.

From what we can see, this is only the beginning for this project. There must be much more exciting things in store we hope?

This is only the beginning indeed. I can only say so much. 🙂

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