Ear Parade Music – Trailer Scores

“A stunning collection of modern, explosive, drama. Aram Mandossian takes you on an epic journey with each piece.”



Composed by Aram Mandossian, the album contains 11 pieces of hard hitting, explosive action, fantasy, sci-fi, & drama music tailored for both the apocalypse and for motion picture ad campaigns. Mandossian composed a few tracks for Future World Music’s Zero Hour some months back.  Album art was done by Aaron Radzwillowicz.

This actually started out as a self-started project by Mandossian and has been in production for over two years.  A great action cue that I love is Delta Ops Recon, a gritty hard hitting theme which emphasizes a special forces squad embarking on a daring mission, sort of in the style like the video game series Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon.

Another cool adventure track is Revolutiana, which contains a motivating and cool theme throughout.  I found this held my attention through the duration of the cue. Amongst all the modern sounding cues we hear today, it is good to see some composers still conveying the original, dramatic-esque trailer music theme that first started out with trailer music.

Trailer Scores is available for licensing on their website.

earParadeLogoMobileEar Parade is a new library company started by Maddie Madsen, who was one of the founders of 5 Alarm Music.

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