Dwayne Ford Interview

Dwayne Ford is an Edmonton born music composer who has worked with the music industry’s top artists, including David Foster, Ronnie Hawkins, members of TOTO and countless others. He has received awards from the American Song Festival, Tokyo Song Festival, and six awards from SOCAN.

I asked Mr. Ford a few questions regarding his work and so on.

What could you tell us about where you get your inspiration to

compose your cues?

My inspiration (or lack thereof) comes from many different emotions. Mostly, sadness and the great mystery of life and death, the finality of it all and how profound it is. Epic music requires a serious subject matter and the unfortunate truth is that death, heroism, sacrifice, loss, love and other weighty emotions are the raw materials.

 Having listened to several of your recent compositions, I can tell
that there’s substance to them. It feels like that there are several
layers as opposed to just one pattern if you will. Could you comment
about this?

Sorry, I cannot answer that question for you accurately. My productions are organic – meaning I don’t usually know what is going to happen until I stumble across it. The layers are a basic part of orchestral arranging however so in some cases there may be literally 40 or 50 layers depending on the track count. Counterpoint melodies, variations on the theme, underlying ghost melodies all play a roll in developing density. So depending on what you are trying to accomplish there may be one layer or many.

Are there any upcoming projects that you can tell us about?

I am working on my fifth “epic” album at the moment. Rather slow going because this album must be different and better than the others if I am to survive the critics. I admit to being a perfectionist but there is no such thing in music. You must try however, to get as close as possible to perfection. The competition is fierce.

Do you listen much to other trailer music cues at all or not so much?

4. I do listen a lot to other composer’s epic music. I find it helps to give me production ideas. It also helps to avoid cloning other people’s work.

Any additional comments?

I would like to know your plans regarding the release of your book or video in which these comments may appear.

And to that last question Dwayne, the answer is publication in this article that is on TMV!


Thanks again for taking the time to interview. It’s always a pleasure to hear more from composers like yourself!


You can follow him on his website and Facebook page.

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