The Wages of Treason …..

The Wages of Treason

Doyle Donehoo…
is a actually a former software engineer, and so it is not surprising he is one of those music composers who really knows how to
create ‘fantasy’ compositions. The Wages of Treason shows he is easily a peer of the true great ‘fantasy’ composers, such as Inon Zur, Jeremy
Soule, Jack Wall and Michael Heonig. If you are an avid game player, you would have heard many of his dramatical compositions in the games

Dawn of War 2, America’s Army, and many others. The album was recently
released on February 8, 2012 through Amazon (his own label, Doyle W.
Donehoo) on MP3 format.

The Wages of Treason is full of clammoring highs and deep, thoughtful
and mystical lows. Doyle W. Donehoo creates great periods of ambient
backgrounds for the listener, unlike many similar compositions you
will find by a composer who works primarily in the gaming industry.
You will soon find yourself lost in the magic of the moments Doyle
creates during this 14 track album (title and first track The Wages of

Stems are download ready and available at no additional cost for
buyers of the album, including a varied mixed versions of the music.
For example, you can have mixes with the choir, or without. Track
levels can be adjusted with ease and other adjustments are easy for
those in quick demand. Essentially, all of the music is very suitable
for listening or licensing placement. The majority of the music is
imposing and could be described as aggressive – no surprise for
someone in the gaming industry.

As Doyle states himself on one of his own reviews, he comes from a
rock background, and he suggests this music is to be played loud, very loud.

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