Director’s Cuts – Storm Of Swords

 For years, Ηeaven and Hell was at peace.

 Angels and demons coexisted in harmony in an intermediate field between Hell and Paradise, called the Zone of Friendship.
In this Zone, they socialized, they debated several matters with one another.. but never came to fighting each other.
 They could see what was happening on Earth and were trying to help the weak and punish the offenders.

   Over the years, mankind evolved and humans became more sophisticated. That was the reason that changed everything! It was not long before, desire for power took over the Demons. Corruption took hold among other Angels, which conspired against their fellow Angels in order to serve their own agenda.

    Now, Fallen Angels and Demons were determined to destroy mankind and rule over the Earth. Mankind was at risk. Heaven and Hell split in two, and the Zone of Friendship turned into a war zone. Every time a fight broke out, humans looked up in the sky and saw something that seemed like a storm bursting.

   What they didn’t know was that what they called “Storm in Heaven” was actually the clash of swords. The conflict between Good and Evil. The war between Angels and Demons. Over the years, this storm would come to be known as the Storm of Swords !

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