David T. Edwards – Legacy (Fringe Element Trailer Series – 2012)

We were traveling through the forest in hope that we would find the ancient temple.
Our quest was to open the locked temple door, and with it, it’s hidden legacy.
A legacy that had to be uncovered.
We walked and walked for what seemed like hours, but was only a few minutes, when suddenly the huge iron temple revealed it self from the tall trees ! We were ecstatic !
We stood there…speechless for a while….but there was no time to waste. According to the myth there was a curse all over the temple and no man lived to see another day. Fear possesed us as one of our companions was turning the key to the big iron door. The iron cylinders of the door opened by themselves and we stepped back staring in absolut awe as the door opened, making a deafening noise. Suddenly, a large figure that seemed like a woman’s face loomed through the iron door. Our jaws dropped as we watched this miracle uncover in front of our eyes. As we looked at each other and smiled meaningfully, we knew…we knew that our quest had just began ! A legacy had just been revealed.


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