Danny Cocke – Verge of Total Chaos Review

Artist Biography   
Danny Cocke
Danny Cocke is a professional composer who has created music for many high profile film trailers including Snow White and the Huntsman and The Amazing Spiderman. His extensive catalogue of music extends beyond the realms of cinema to the world of gaming. Just some of the games he has composed music for include Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines and Call of Duty 3. His music is hard to describe but it lies somewhere between Hybrid and Rock with a heavy dose of orchestral thrown in for good measure.
Verge of Total Chaos album review
Verge of Total Chaos is a collection of trailer music that has been created by Danny Cocke, one of the masters in the field of Epic music. This album is an excellent representation of the Epic music genre with a collection of varied tracks to inspire the mind. The album gets off to a great start with an adrenaline pumping opening track that bears the name of the album. This track is a fast paced piece of music and is quite similar to the kind of music found in the recent Tron film. The following track “Sinister Intent” has a similar feel however there is a greater emphasis on the buildup.

“Great Deceiver” carries on the trend for film style music and like the first track it also sounds somewhat like Tron. Not a bad thing of course especially considering that there is plenty of variety on this album to keep the most ardent Epic music fan happy.

“By Subconscious Design” takes the Epic sound to a different level as it instills a feeling of hope. Passion and heart are two words that spring to mind when listening to this song. That’s one of the great things about this album; it is packed to the brim with hard hitting tunes.
Stand out tracks
One of the best tracks has to be the grand finale which is called “Our Only Hope”. It takes a while to get going but it’s the slow build up that makes the track stand out from the rest of the album. When it does kick into gear it becomes something else. “Forging a new light” is a track that makes you sit up and take note. The drum beats, choir and orchestra all work together in one harmonious union.
Overall opinion
On the whole this album is more than worth a listen. There is a distinct electronic vibe throughout which complements the epic orchestral side. This album comes highly recommended for lovers of film music and for those who enjoy a good adrenaline pumping tune.

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