Trailer Music Featured Artist – Daniel Nielsen – Uprising (West One Music)

Daniel Nielsen is a renowned artist, a composer and a pianist. He started his career during his teenage years and currently has numerous scores to his credit. Not only is he associated with motion picture music, film music and advertising campaigns’ musical themes, but also with Sky Sports’ very own theme. Daniel Nielsen has launched several albums, all centered on different themes and tunes. He co-worked with “West One Music” to produce an song titled “Uprising”, featuring epic scores created with a blend of the traditional orchestra and the modern, upbeat rock drums and choirs. The song “Uprising” constitutes a mix of the traditional with the contemporary, creating an exotic fusion. Its genre is “Film Music”. It consists of one soundtrack by the same name which is available in multiple mixes. “West One Music”, the company which aided the production of “Uprising”, has done a commendable job in bringing together the brilliance and expertise of Daniel Nielson and the demand for such a master soundtrack. This epic score has been featured in a film and also as trailer music. Daniel Nielsen is well known for other such film music and trailer music like the soundtracks of Spiderman, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and many other blockbuster movies of the past decades.
   The soundtrack of “Uprising” is currently available online through numerous online electronic music portals. “West One Music” itself features this soundtrack online on its site while also ensuring that its copyrights are not violated. To combat the increasing pressures of piracy, the replication of the soundtrack is limited by imposing restrictions on its download whereas the score remains available for listening online.
Daniel Nielsen is a renowned composer with immense achievements on his credit. His compositions have won the hearts of the numerous audiences of films and dramas for the appropriateness of the music and the perfect mix of musical instruments and the chords. Daniel Nielsen has accomplished nominations at award shows for his outclass work and dedication. As a composer, he is widely recognized and celebrated daily for his enormous supply of unique compositions towards infamous specimens of performing arts. Daniel Nielsen’s experience is not restrained to films and motion pictures – on the contrary, he has explored all venues and medium of musical expressions, ranging from stage, dramas, theatres etc.
“Uprising” has a unique mix of orchestra with the latest upbeat music form comprising of brass, percussions, drum beats and choir. It also constitutes male vocals. “Uprising” comprises “West One Music’s” epic scores with international recognition and exquisite composition of around two minutes and thirty six seconds. Even though the duration of the soundtrack is brief, nevertheless, it leaves a reverberating impression on the listener. Daniel Nielsen’s sincere hard work and mastery over music is reflected in all his compositions. Not only is his music refreshing but also absolutely unique. Looking at the length of Daniel Nielsen’s experience and works, it will not be wrong to say that music comes to him naturally and beautifully.

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