Dan Diaz Interview with TMV

Ever wonder how who created the company Anti-Hero? Meet Dan Diaz the original founder and composer. He’s just released the latest volume, Anti-Hero Volume 5.

Mr. Diaz did a brief interview with TMV. Read after the jump!

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TrailerMusicVibe:How did you become enamored with epic music?

Diaz: I think that my initial exposure to “epic” music was when I first saw Tim Burton’s 1989 “Batman” movie and heard Danny Elfman’s accompanying score. It, and its theme in particular, created such a big, amazing feel for that movie, and I was instantly hooked on that style. So, throughout the years since, I’ve always followed Danny Elfman’s work (which is often pretty epic), and also became a fan of film scores, in general. John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Alan Silvestri…they all have been partially responsible for making me become “enamored with epic music”.

TrailerMusicVibe:What are your plans for the future regarding trailer music? 

Diaz: At the moment, I’m really excited about “Anti-Hero: Volume 5”, which I’ve just released. The big plan for the future is just to continue releasing the best trailer music that I can! There are several music and sound design projects in early planning and writing stages.

TrailerMusicVibe:Do you have any comments for your fans?

Diaz: I don’t know that I would presume to have “fans”, per se, but to all of the people who have ever checked out and enjoyed my music…I really appreciate it! It’s always cool to hear the nice comments that people leave and to have people say they like what it is that I’m doing. So yeah, thanks!

TrailerMusicVibe:What are your thoughts on the future of epic trailer music?

Diaz: It seems like epic trailer music is becoming more and more of a genre in and of itself, so it will be cool to see that continue to gain more fans and appreciators. It will also be great to see both established and new composers continue to innovate and evolve their takes on the style!



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