Corner Stone Cues Interview

Requiem for a Tower

Corner Stone Cues is a music label company based in Los Angeles. They are best known for their debut title and release “Requiem for a Tower”. TMV had a chance to speak with composer and owner Nathan Duvall about this interesting endeavor. You can follow them on Facebook. So enjoy!

TMV: How did Corner Stone Cues get started?

Nathan: Hey Leighton, After the success of Requiem for a Tower, the Immediate “Abbey Road” sessions, and Posthumous I decided it was time to record an entire release of hybrid/orchestral material. Daniel J Nielsen, Simone Benyacar, Craig Stuart Garfinkle, and I composed 10-15 new songs and recorded with members of the Seattle Phil at Bastyr.

One of our favorite scores at the time was V for Vendetta. In the film, music is played through a massive city wide P.A. system so it felt like you were literally in the middle of a recording orchestra. I contacted the “V” mixing engineer Nick Wollage at AIR Studios in London and he accepted our offer to mix Requiem. This led to a 6 year relationship. We usually work with the AIR team for large orchestral and choir recording. The “Live” sound at AIR is remarkable and the staff is amazing.

The full Requiem for a Tower project was released in 2006 and was successful out of the gate. This good fortune allowed us to record several more releases in quick succession and led to what most of our fans consider a highlight in Eton Path.

TMV: Who would you cite as inspiration in your efforts to deliver trailer music?

Nathan: Jeff & Yo from Immediate Music, Jeff & Rob Pfeifer, and Ruben Nava were all instrumental in my early education. I gave up the band dream in the late 90’s and these guys taught me how to succeed in media licensing. I also follow and am inspired by everyone involved with Baz Luhrmann, Massive Attack, Bjork, Craig Armstrong, Led Zeppelin, Thomas Newman, and the mighty Hans Zimmer.

TMV: Are there any upcoming projects?

Nathan: We’re promoting the In Situ release now. It’s mainly a Back End heavy effort with some Action and Horror. Starz recently licensed “Take Down” for the Spartacus “War of the Damned” teaser trailer that debuted at Comic Con. That was a lot of blooood!!!!!!

TMV: Do you have additional comments?

Nathan: CSC will be moving into new territory soon and TMV will be the first to know. Thanks for giving us another outlet to promote our work. Feel free to visit us in L.A. and party like Epic Music Demons. Rooooar!!!!!!

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