Meet Clockwork Theory!

Clockwork Theory

Clockwork Theory is an up and coming independent music and sound design project that focuses mainly on the composition, production and design of High impact emotive music for films, video games, trailers and more…

I had a chance to interview one of their composers, Sabrina Dawn-Zeichner. She discussed some interesting details about CT!

TrailerMusicVibe: How did Clockwork Theory come to be?

Sabrina Dawn-Zeichner: Well clockwork theory started due to my need to experiment with more cinematic styles of composing. As a film/game composer I’v also dabbled quite a bit in sound design and i wanted to experiment in what is known as “hybrid music”. I started Clockwork Theory a year ago to experiment with this style combining cinematic sound design and music to give the listened a more intense experience, in any genre, oriental, ‘epic’ orchestral, film noir etc and especially with the trailer music style as a way to paint vivid stories/pictures in the listeners mind. It is a personal project of sorts and with it i have met many wonderful and inspiring composers and musicians.TrailerMusicVibe:  What inspired you to become a composer?

Sabrina Dawn-Zeichner: Well i am a classical pianist and have been very influenced by classical music and growing up in a very musical environment. I’v dabbled a bit in classical style of composing, concertos, piano studies mainly but am also influenced by the great likes of Danny elfman, my favourite film composer but his very wide style of composing, in terms of orchestration. No other composer in film uses the orchestra to its full potential as much as Elfman does. of course other styles have also inspired me- I’v grown up listening to so many different styles of music, world, oriental, orchestral, rock, electronic, classical and played a lot of video games growing up, my favourite being the God of war series and who’s music by Gerard Marino really introduced me to the world of cinematic music from a younger age.

TrailerMusicVibe: What can you tell TMV regarding future projects?

Sabrina Dawn-Zeichner: Well for now I am taking a short break from composing for personal reasons (that has also left me unable to finish a score i was working on for a film) and will be focusing more on my classical music studies as well as composing tv short cues for CouldB records but will be returning to the cinematic game/film work of clockwork theory in the summer with some massive scores and projects!

TrailerMusicVibe: I see that you also are involved in character design. Can you talk some more about that?

Sabrina Dawn-Zeichner: Yes! as i mentioned earlier, I grew up to world of video games, my brother and I loved them and we spent countless hours playing all the latest games, fantasy, fighting, horror etc. The likes of mortal kombat, soul calibur and of course the god of war series, which i didn’t play much when i was that young but always watched my older cousin’s play it. I was always fascinated by the art and detail on the characters! I also read comics and studied art, always drawing when i wasn’t doing anything music related. I started character design for the first time when i was asked by a talented student game-maker to help sketch out and create some characters for his rpg game and this was very fun to do! Of course, right now I am more focused on the musical aspect of things and don’t plan to do anything very serious in the future with character design but a lot of my art inspires my music and vice versa.

TrailerMusicVibe: What are your thoughts on the future of trailer music?

Sabrina Dawn-Zeichner:Well I think the future of trailer music cannot exactly be pinpointed. recently there has been a huge rise in trailer music libraries and composers working on this field…there is the saying ‘too much of a good thing can be bad’. With so many composers pouring out to work in this style of writing it can lead to a very disappointing rise of repetition, meaning it all starts to sound the same after a while…but of course this can also not be too certain because such companies like Two steps from hell and Audiomachine etc always seem to bring something new and unique to the trailer music world and new composers could also mean new interesting and amazing things, so in the end it is an interesting aspect to look forward to.

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