City of the Fallen – Divinus

‘city of the fallen’
Artist Biography

City of the Fallen is a music production company that create scores for the purpose of film advertising. The company was founded by Ryan Amon in 2009. He is responsible for writing and composing music for the company. City of the Fallen released their first public album Divinus, in 2012. What follows is a review of that particular album.

Divinus Album review
‘city of the fallen divinus’
This album is a collection of the finest pieces of music by City of the Fallen released for the public to get their teeth into. In total there are 25 tracks on the album so in that respect it is good value for money. If you’re into your film scores then this album is most certainly worth a listen. The tracks vary greatly from those that are dramatic to those of a more mellow nature. It is nice to hear an album like this that has the ability to invoke the imagination. Divinus opens with a thumping track (Seraphim) that captures the heart of action cinema. This track has similarities with music found in such films as Transformers and the recent Batman films. The second track has a similar sound to the first one with perhaps a more epic feel to it. Messiah, the third track brings a sense of calm to the proceedings and that is one of the great things about this album. It is not simply a collection of tracks that have been mindlessly thrown together. There is enough variety in here to keep most people happy. Tracks such as Day of Atonement and Earth and Heaven differ greatly from the first couple of tracks for example.

Stand out tracks
Every album has a selection of standout tracks, those that are played again and again, and Divinus is no different. One track in particular, Deliverance, has a dramatic beat, a sense of urgency that all epic scores should have. Earth and Heaven is another track worth listening to time and time again. It is somewhat comparable to the Gladiator score which can’t be a bad thing.

Overall opinion
If you’re a movie lover then this album should find its way into your music collection. It wouldn’t be too out of place alongside such great film composers as Hans Zimmer and John Williams. If Ryan Amon set out to capture the heart of the Summer Blockbuster then he has succeeded which is why his tracks have been used on several great trailers such as the Mummy and Monsters vs Aliens. There is a heady mix of music on this compilation from sweeping epic scores to mellow soundtracks with a sense of mystery. It is all very familiar territory yet the music stands out enough from the kind of film that it sets out to promote for it to not come across as a straight copy. 

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