Castimoniae is a Norwegian company that produces trailer music and public music.All music is recorded with full orchestra and chorus (The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus). They have released music through Boostmusic (Zone Music) and they´re now starting promoting our public release on Tadlow Music. Their double album is entitled From Northern Light To Southern Darkness.

Below is an interview I did with Eirek Jacobsen, a main composer with the company.

1. What sparked your interest in trailer music?

The interest in trailer music has always been there. Since I was a kid musicians like Hans Zimmer has been one of my greatest influences (I´m still waiting for the call Hans). With Castimoniae we try to establish a bridge between classical composers like Rachmaninov, Wagner, Orff, and of course Grieg with a more modern expression. The common denominator is – and will always be, epic music. Today trailer music is a great arena to create such music. As the collaboration with Boost Music has grown, the timeframe from we´re finished writing until the music is on the marked is just a matter of weeks. This in turns, is a great motivation to keep writing. We´re really happy with both Boost Music and Zone Music.

2. How did you come upon the name Castimoniae for your trailer music company?

The name had to reflect my musical intension. And that is to create a very pure sound with focus on distinct melodies being to the core. Being a latin nerd at the time Castimoniae seemed like a natural approach as it´s latin for “purity”. I blame the latin obsession on my DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) studies. 8 years later I still believe the name is suiting our musical intension.

3. What exciting things can the trailer music fanbase expect from Castimoniae in the future?

We´re contributing on a new Epic Cinematic Trailer release on Boost Music / Zone Music to be released in early 2013. At the moment we´ve handed over about 10 tracks, hopefully we´ll contributed with another 5-10 tracks. Some of these tracks are recorded with full orchestra and chorus, i.e. approximately 180 musicians from The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus. The sound is massive, dynamic and of course, very melodic and rhythmic. If you´re a fan of Hans Zimmer and Two Steps From Hell you´ll enjoy Castimoniae for sure.

4. Do you have any other comments?

Please, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and stream our music on YouTube. At the moment our masterpiece 1031 from our upcoming public release on Tadlow Music named From Northern Lights To Southern Darkness has been uploaded to YouTube. Part One is scheduled for March/April next year. Thanks for the interview!

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