Hello once again to all, I hope you are enjoying your time here on TrailerMusicVibe. It has definitely been an interesting year, to say the least. Strangely, it seems like the year has only just begun. But, then again, that just goes to show you how fast time flies when you’re having fun, and EPIC at that.

But, my writing this post isn’t to rant and rave, but to do something more – a call to action. Call to who?, you may ask. Well, who are the ones that frequent TMV? Is it not visitors & trailer music fans, yes YOU?

That’s right people, of all the posts that have been done since the inception of this blog, this is one that you definitely want to pay attention to.

I’m sure that you’ll agree with me that trailer music as a whole has come a long way within the last several years. Indeed, it wasn’t very long ago that this music was mainly and widely into the public Internet forum – thanks to places like YouTube. Everything from fan videos, compilations, playlists and so forth have been put out and continue to be done even as you read this post.

Then, with the advent of Facebook and other social media sites, the fanbase swept in to take hold of this avenue to show their support. The music libraries saw the overwhleming support and responded with several epic public releases. It is noteworthy that even before the release of the several major albums this year and even before, that there were a good amount of trailer music available on Amazon and Itunes. But it is mainly within the last few years, that ones have especially heard more of it.

At this point, you’re wondering, ok, where are you going with this? Don’t worry, I’ll soon get there. On a global scale, thanks to Facebook, I have had the privilege of speaking with trailer music fans all over the world and it has been encouraging as well as inspirational to see their enthusiasm and support. Especially have I seen it evident amongst the European fanbase. Why?

One significant factor is that much of trailer music sounds like classical music, and if you remember, much of classical music’s origins go back to Europe. This would partly explain the reason why one can see most of the majority of YouTube epic music uploaders are from that location.

Now, the first ever concert from TSFH is coming next summer. Initially, a concert series was set to occur first in Frankfurt, Germany, but later on it was switched to Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. While that may not mean much, here is what I derive from this: While a good core of the trailer music fanbase comes from abroad and is especially strong in the aforementioned Europe, the major music libraries (Immeditate Music, Two Steps From Hell, Audiomachine, etc.) are where? Yeah, HERE – in the United States of America. And yet, one would think that there would be at least a good contingency in terms of the amount of epic music fans as elsewhere. Sadly, though this is far from the truth.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t any at all – there’s a decent percentage, but that percentage pales in comparison.

This is also one of the primary reasons that TMV was founded, to bring not only the fans from other parts of the world togther, but in addition, the domestic, the American trailer music fanbase.
Trailer music is on the verge of becoming something far bigger. The upcoming concert from Two Steps From Hell is a major indicator in that regard. There is also another major project by another music library in the works as we speak also slated for sometime next year.

Now is the time my friends to heed the call to action.

I am Leighton Williams, and this is TrailerMusicVibe, and I sent this message to trailer music fans the world over..let us BEGIN!

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