The Best of Brand X Music

Artist Biography
Brand X Music is a production company that specialises in the creation of music for movie trailers and TV spots. Their brand of music has helped to promote a variety of films since 2002 which is when they first launched. They were one of the first music production companies to produce music specifically for the film and games industries. Clients include video game companies and film studios as well as Television networks. They recently released Volume 15,which is a collection of new tracks designed for editors and film makers.

Brand X Music Volume 15 album review
The album opens up with a suitably epic track (World without End) that starts off pretty slow however the rock elements really kick it into gear after about a minute. This track has an epic sound to it with a metal edge akin to a band such as Linkin Park with thumping drums and jagged guitar riffs. Things take a different turn with Cyber Slang, a track that feels more like it is in familiar epic music territory. If you like music with a strong orchestral film score type sound then this track will satisfy. Up to this point you will find variations of the same song such as World without End No Choir and Cyber Slang No Strings. This may seem like a copout but there are enough tracks on the album to make it a worthwhile purchase. Besides, it’s always nice to listen to an album that has variations on the same track.
Fine Red Mist is another track that is slow to build up but by the time it has built up to a steady toe tapping beat it is almost over as it is only two and a half minutes in length. It’s still not a bad track though with a cool electro vibe throughout and it is quite different from the rest of the album.

There are some mellow sounding tracks on the album such as Days of Old which has a further five variations.  Through the Ages is another soothing track that is similar in sound to music from the Ridley Scott movie Gladiator.

Stand out tracks
The opening track of an album is quite often one of the best mainly because it is the one that is meant to hook the listener and this album is no different as World without End certainly draws you in.

Overall opinion
Brand X Music has put together a pretty solid collection of their best tracks but with a few that are just plain average. The final track on the album doesn’t quite end it on a high. It’s good but there are better tunes on the album. As epic scores go this album manages to hit all of the right notes. If you enjoy listening to movie soundtracks then you’ll find this album to be a delight to the ears. 

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