Brand X Music releases tracks from Volume 16


Brand X Music - Volume 16


Brand X Music has recently released tracks from the latest addition to their catalog, namely Volume 16.  They haven’t actually released the entire album as they are opting to release tracks over the coming weeks and months as part of a new music distribution strategy.  The first set of tracks were made available on their Source Audio and Ravenwood Music Ltd. sites.  As with the previous volumes, this album was created and produced by the maestros Tom Gire, John Sponsler and Joshua Lynch.  Vocalist Aeone Watson has provided her services in the composition of this volume. You can experience and hear her talents firsthand in the tracks Illumination & Dreaming. 

The good number of tracks available make rather heavy use of modern elements of hybrid music.  These tracks would tend to suite advertising needs for gritty and dark action thrillers.  A few examples are “Drop The Hammer”
As was mentioned before Volume 16 is still very much a work in progress at this time.  While the tracks served up thus far on this volume contain hybrid rock and the like, who’s to say that some of the future tracks will have that epic feeling contained in prior catalgos from Brand X. Only time will tell.  The new tracks will be distributed on on Brand X Music’s official website as well as on Source Audio as the ‘Track of the Week’ each Tuesday.  The purpose of this would be to provide a steady stream of new music rather than release all of the cues at once which definitely would be more interesting.  Once the rest of the singles have been released, Brand X will officially release the sixteenth volume!



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