Boost Music releases Big Cinematic Trailers!

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A brand-new public album has recently surfaced courtesy of Boost Music known as Big Cinematic Trailers in their music production library ZONE. The tagline for this album says it all:

‘From powerful full-throttle pounding action to epic dramatic adventure, Big Cinematic Trailers is a blockbuster collection of contemporary trailer music. Sub-sections include Build To Action, Maximum Intensity, Heroes & Historical and Superheroes.’

The original production music album featured 35 tracks and these were divided into the musical/genre sub-sections; Build To Action, Maximum Intensity, Heroic & Historical and Superheroes. The retail release features the 20 most popular tracks from the album, which are mainly from the Build To Action and Maximum Intensity sections.

This album contains a mix of all an epic music lover’s favorite tunes from the traditional epic orchestral sounds to the modernistic & contemporary feel suiting action thrillers of today.

This album has been utlized in TV trailers such as Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Green Lantern and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Originally released in May 2012 as part of the Dramazone set (alongside the albums Horror, Crime Drama and Dramatic Moods), the album is now available to download at all good online stores including iTunes and Amazon.

The first track Anger of The Gods launched into an pounding attack of rock in the first half of the song and piqued my interest.

It’s always good to see several established music composers come together to collaborate on a blockbuster album. These accredited composers include Will Palmer, Cy Samuels, Bryan New, Jason Glover, Gary Crockett, Antonio Casali, David Hearn and Gerry Moffett alongside new young talent like games music specialist Matthew Chastney.

When seasoned veterans and new talent come together, the result is a spectacular showcase of contemporary trailer music and I am pleased to say that this album earned my vote.

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