Blood Of The Covenant

Meet Blood of the Covenant, a new epic music group. I had a chance to interview Geoffrey Vernon, the founder of the company. You can follow Blood of the Covenant on Facebook.

 TMVHow did you become a composer?
How I got into composing is actually a funny story. I started out playing piano about 4-5 years ago, and whenever I played the piano I was ALWAYS wanting to play my own stuff and write my own music. That being said, the person who was teaching me always said “no, your supposed to be playing Moonlight Sonata, or Fur Elise” or something to that measure, but I always wanted to write my own music so I gave it up for a while to play guitar. About 2 years go I picked it back up and that is how I got into composing. Since then I have done a few short student films for film festivals, though I mainly do trailer music.

TMV: How did you get into production music?

That is actually a funny story haha. I was looking for music on the internet from the film “Let Me In”, not sure if you’ve seen it but it’s a great movie. While looking for the music, I cam across a song titled “Nero” and I didn’t know who wrote it so I did some heavy searching and found TSFH. After finding out about trailer music I decided that’s what I wanted to do. My background of growing up has been rock/metal and classical and trailer music gave me the perfect opportunity to mix the two perfectly together.

TMV: What exciting developments are in store at Blood of the Covenant?

Currently I am working on three new releases, two for this year and a huge release for next year. The two releases this year are titled “Drones of Hell” and that will feature about 60-70 hair raising drones. The other release for this year is called “Apocalypto” which is like an epic end of the world album that will have about 20-25 tracks on it, and for the first time ever will be the first BOTC album to feature more than me composing tracks. The album for 2013 is going to be called “Heaven” and will feature around 100 tracks, but you’ll have to wait till around November for any demos

TMV: Describe how you would compose a track.
How I compose a track really depends on the track that I want to compose. If I want to do a huge epic orchestral piece I typically start on piano to get a basic layout and then I will do the strings and then build it from there. If I don’t want the piano to stay I will get rid of it, since it is more than likely just a guide track. The last element in my songs are usually choir and or percussion. Now if I am working on a rock/metal song with choir I will do all the rock and metal elements, and then I will build the orchestra around that. So how I work really depends on the type of song, mood and feel. I also use EWQL sound libraries for ALL my composing and have NO problems at all with them.

TMV: Any comments?
I just want to say thank you to Trailer Music Vibe for allowing me to do this interview and wanting to ask me of all people questions, haha. All kidding aside, I also want to say thank you to all the trailer music fans who keep us guy’s inspired to keep creating fresh music all the time and never letting us rest;) Oh and be on the look out for some HUGE releases from Blood Of The Covenant between now and next summer!

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