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904900_405007212930837_1253427770_oBlack Phoenix Music was founded and run by composers, musicians and audio engineers Michael Maas and Christoph Allerstorfer.
At the age of 6 Christoph Allerstorfer started playing the cello and from there is passion for music grew. Fascinated by metal and rock music,  he next switched from the cello to guitar and drums. After some extensive touring with his band,  Allerstorfer soon broke off to take the opportunity to build his own studio and started to write music for films and games.

Michael Maas, the composer and artist, who was born in 1983 in Germany. As an “Early Bird”, Michael took guitar and piano lessons and even had his first successful concerts in Germany, at a tender age of six. Therefore, classical music is a fundamental component in his compositions today. But his style is modern, which targets different genres and audiences. At the age of 16, Michael earned his first record deal with “Shift Music” label. He gained recognition and experience in musical and stage performances throughout Germany. After several years of recordings in various studios and working with numerous labels, Michael decided to make his passion his profession. His focus is “Film Music, with specialization in piano and orchestra composition”.
So at the end, there came Black Phoenix Music. Music for Motion pictures and more…and in comes their debut track  “A New Dawn”. You won’t be disappointed.


Black Phoenix is coming out with their first album The Resistance, and with that there is a promotion video edited by the maestro Rain Ventsel. The cover art for the album was designed by Koke Nunez Gomez.



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