The Best of Erik Ekholm – Free Album Release!

The only thing better then Epic music is free Epic music. Erik Ekholm, the composer behind Brickwall Audio, has decided to spread the joy of great music and give something back to all of the fans who have supported him over the last few years. He has released “The Best of Composer Erik Ekholm for free on his website!

As his description of the album states:

“This album contains 12 tracks of music (+ bonus mix) recorded over a period of 3 years, featuring world class musicians and vocalists from all over the world! Best Of Composer Erik Ekholm is a free album, exclusively available from Erik!

Essentially this album is a gift to both new and old fans of epic music and the goal is to spread the epic sounds of many years recording live orchestra performances, amazingly talented vocalists from the 4 corners of the world and the occasional stratocaster torturing the input stage of a trusty old VOX amplifier!”

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